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Dukan diet iced coffee

Dukan Phases: Attack Phase, Cruise Phase, Consolidation Phase, Stabilization Phase
  •  Instant coffee
  •  Skimmed milk(up to 2% fat)
  •  Sweetener
  •  water

At first you need a coffee ice cubes. Let brewed coffee cool to room temperature. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze completely. 
Get yourself a nice glass or plastic bottle. Then put a teaspoon of instant coffee and sweetener into a jar. Pour in enough cold water to cover the coffee and put the lid securely on top. shake the jar thoroughly. 
1. Pour cold milk into the glass.
2. Add some coffee iced cubes
3. Now pour the shaken mixture  in your glass
4. Add some water if needed
Second recipe:

Fill your glass with coffee ice cubes. Finally add cold milk. Enjoy!
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